My friend recommended Alleviate and I bought some of the stuff a year ago and only had to use it three times. Each use brought my problem back in shape again. It's like anti aging for one's tushy. I would recommend this cream to anyone.

Hank C
Dear Naticura,

Thank you so much for the Marvellous Alleviate "Tushie Cream". I know this will sound strange but besides the fact that it worked SO well and felt SO good (well, it helped my tush feel much better), I loved the way it smelt (the cream NOT MY TUSH!). I was pleased to be able to use an all natural product. It did not feel gross/mushy as some other products can feel.

I would recommend this product to others without question.

Thank you again for everything

Lisa W.
Dear Naticura,

In a rare bout of screaming pain in the nether region, a result of of eating 1/2 a jar of hot peppers, I tried your miracle cream.
It is a miracle!!

Alan M.
I just want to thank you so much for getting me some of that Alleviate Cream - I can’t believe how fast it worked. You know from our last family trip to florida I ruined everyone’s vacation when I got the biggest H. I couldnt walk, never mind think of driving home. Boy, do I wish i knew about this cream then. It would have made my trip so much better.

So all I can say is “this cream works”. I’m not sure what’s so special in it but by just applying a bit of cream on the area, PRESTO, my butt is back to normal the next morning. I’ve tried all of the over the counter and per‘scription creams and nothing has even come close to working as fast as this stuff.
Sometimes the pain is so bad you’re just so edgy with everyone and you just can’t help it.

Thanks again for this cream. I hope they keep making Alleviate forever!


Good Morning friends,

Yesterday on the way home from work I was talking to my friend Vito. He told me that he had a heat rash on his bum that was really hurting him all day (too much wiping down there). He said he usually puts cortizone cream on it. Then he asked me "do you think the tushi cream would help?" I said "try it". This morning on the way to work I was talking to him again on the phone. He said "omg - I have to tell you something." He said "I put the tushie cream on the rash and it's completely gone" He also said he had gone to the drugstore and got the cortizone cream, but didn't even need to open it. Rash is gone - one application of Alleviate. Just a little thin layer he said. He put it on when he got home from work and later the same nite it occurred to him and he couldn't believe the discomfort had disappeared.

Wanted to share the good results with you guys.

Hocus Pocus Cream
I had suffered from haemorrhoids since I gave birth to my daughter in 1987. They were so severe that they dictated my lifestyle. I couldn’t go out to places where I would be on my feet for more than a few hours. If I did, by the time I got home I would be in so much pain that I would have to take Tylenol and use ice packs just to make it tolerable.
In 2009 I was working in an office of all women and had become quite open about my situation. One day one of the ladies in the office handed me a package and said “here try this for your haemorrhoids”. She said that it was a cream that her friend who is a homeopath came up with that is made from all natural products.
I used it that day while still at the office and the following two days and HAVE NOT HAD A PROBLEM SINCE AND I STILL HAVE MY ORIGINAL CONTAINER.
Odd as it may sound, quite often when I am with different groups of people the subject of haemorrhoids comes up and I get so excited because I can tell people that I know of a cream that will help them or like it did for me, CURE THEM!!

L.G., Ajax, Canada
#1 Magic tushy cream!!
I had been suffering from terrible hemorrhoids for about 3 weeks. They were debilitating. I had tried every prescription drug and was doing sitz baths every half hour. I even needed pain medication. Nothing was helping and one doctor told me my only option would be to remove them surgically as they were terribly infected. I work for family physicians and they all told me I DID NOT want to do that surgery.
After speaking to my best friend and telling her about my problem she immediately brought me over something she calls tushy cream ~ she told me to try it. I was hesitant at first but after another 2 days I couldn't take any more pain.
Let me tell you after ONE application they were virtually GONE. Infection and all.
There is something to be said about this cream and all I can think of is it's magic. I NEVER leave home without it.

My sister in law used some Alleviate ointment,
recommended to her by a friend, on her hemroids. She couldn't stop talking about it.
So, my father had been suffering for over 15 years with internal and external hemroids. He has always been on prescription creams and pumps that have never given him any relief. He needs surgery but refuses. He couldn’t even sit properly anymore. My sister in law got me some Alleviate ointment and I sent it to my dad. Immediately after applying the ointment he felt some tingling and relief. He applies it now after every bowel movement and it eases the pain and pressure. It somehow also helped the internal hemroids, He can now sit comfortably. Thank you very much.

I was suffering from internal hemorrhoids for a few months and although I was on medication prescribed by doctors, it did not get any better.
So, when I decided to go through with a surgery, my sister recommended me to try this cream. Within days of applying the cream my pain was completely gone which was a huge relief, and now don't need the surgery. This cream is amazing, I would definitely recommend trying it for those with hemorrhoids. It works!

Pri S.
I have been suffering with hemorrhoids since I was a kid. I tried different remedies all my life like ice and medicine and other natural healing products. Nothing ever worked permanently. I would get temporary relief but it always came back after a while. Since I started to use Alleviate, I started to feel the difference between the other medicines and Alleviate. Alleviate relieved the pain instantly and shrunk the hemorrhoids after using it for a week, and has kept my condition at bay whearas all the other products I used, didn't. The condition always returned with all the other products I tried - but not with Alleviate. It's been 6 months now. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering with hemorrhoids.

I have used Alleviate for well over a month now and it has changed my life! The hemorrhoids have not completely disappeared but almost so, and the itching is totally gone and I can’t thank you enough. With what few simple natural herbs that are in it it is amazing. I went to a specialist and he gave me a prescription for a 40.00 tube of Hydrocortisone cream which made the problem worse, I tried all the drug store offerings and several high priced oils and tablets I found on line and none of them did a thing in the way of relief. I am going to get another tube to keep on hand although the tiny amount of Alleviate needed lasts a long time.

Dave H
This product is amazing! Works fast, I mean really fast. Have issues with hemmoroids and I cycle hundreds of miles. My discomfort has diminished greatly in just two days! Awesome!!