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Alleviate - Natural Hemorrhoid Relief

If you have been searching for something that can help you overcome the chronic condition of hemorrhoids—you’ve just found it. Our Naticura Alleviate™ hemorrhoid balm is Nature’s miracle and the most effective truly natural, hemorrhoid remedy available today. Alleviate ointment contains only pure botanic ingredients that not only work... they work fast to relieve your pain & discomfort, and to shrink & heal the hemorrhoids. Curious how Alleviate works?  click here.

Naticura’s founders are people who look for green & healthy products to use in our own homes, and we especially demand healthy and body-friendly personal care products. We couldn’t offer you something that we would not personally use ourselves. That’s why we only use pure and natural ingredients that are safe and welcomed by your skin ... Marli Joy is a natural healer, a caring professional who has been working to help people through natural means for decades, and she has been blessed with the means to help countless people find solutions to their health issues, often using Nature's gift of healing essential oils. Alleviate was originally formulated by Marli for a close friend. Simple word of mouth demand for the product caused us to get together with Marli to make Alleviate available to help you as well.

Alleviate ointment has been known to quickly relieve suffering for MORE THAN 80% of those who have used our product. Imagine saying goodbye to your hemorrhoids with just one round of treatment. We'd love to sell you a six month or a year’s supply like many other companies seem to suggest, but in most cases our product works wonders with only one tube. Why not get relief today and Alleviate your suffering? MORE QUESTIONS about hemorrhoids ?   click here.

alleviate is highly effective

at alleviating your pain and promoting healing

  • Tired of the burning, itching, swelling... say goodbye to those hemorrhoids, safely.
  • All natural and organic ingredients work fast to relieve pain & discomfort, and shrink & heal the hemorrhoids.
  • Effective herbal formula, safe for pregnancy.
  • You should expect to notice positive changes within 24 hours.
  • Your 50mL tube of Alleviate is shipped in plain packaging to respect your privacy.
  • All U.S. orders are now fulfilled promptly via Simply click BUY NOW.

I used it that day while still at the office and the following two days and HAVE NOT HAD A PROBLEM SINCE AND I STILL HAVE MY ORIGINAL CONTAINER. Odd as it may sound, quite often when I am with different groups of people the subject of haemorrhoids comes up and I get so excited because I can tell people that I know of a cream that will help them or like it did for me, CURE THEM!!L.G., Ajax, Canada
So all I can say is “this cream works”. I’m not sure what’s so special in it but by just applying a bit of cream on the area, PRESTO, my butt is back to normal the next morning. I’ve tried all of the over the counter and per‘scription creams and nothing has even come close to working as fast as this stuff.  Sometimes the pain is so bad you’re just so edgy with everyone and you just can’t help it.  Thanks again for this cream. I hope they keep making Alleviate forever!  -…Eric
Since I started to use Alleviate, I started to feel the difference between the other medicines and Alleviate. Alleviate relieved the pain instantly and shrunk the hemorrhoids after using it for a week, and has kept my condition at bay whearas all the other products I used, didn't. The condition always returned with all the other products I tried - but not with Alleviate. It's been 6 months now. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering with hemorrhoids.Victor
Excellent products. I've been suffering with hemorrhoid issues on & off for several years. Had the band surgery & they came back. Tried multitudes of over-the-counter products, etc to no avail. The Naticura products have given me more relief than anything else I have tried. The pills & ointment work together to heal hemorrhoids inside & out. I highly recommend them!Patsy
This product works. After using this product I felt almost instant relief. I've tried other products before but none have worked as good as this one.Mathias
Thanks Alleviate ! Told my OBGYN about your product and he has been recommending it to his patients ! So if you are getting orders from [the south] - thats why! Was 38 weeks pregnant and miserable until I got the Alleviate!! Thank you so much for you help! Blessings, M.J.
After speaking to my best friend and telling her about my problem she immediately brought me over something she calls tushy cream ~ she told me to try it. I was hesitant at first but after another 2 days I couldn't take any more pain. Let me tell you after ONE application they were virtually GONE. Infection and all. There is something to be said about this cream and all I can think of is it's magic. I NEVER leave home without it. KarenKaren
I was suffering from internal hemorrhoids for a few months and although I was on medication prescribed by doctors, it did not get any better. So, when I decided to go through with a surgery, my sister recommended me to try this cream. Within days of applying the cream my pain was completely gone which was a huge relief, and now don't need the surgery. This cream is amazing, I would definitely recommend trying it for those with hemorrhoids. It works!Pri S.
My friend recommended Alleviate and I bought some of the stuff a year ago and only had to use it three times. Each use brought my problem back in shape again. It's like anti aging for one's tushy. I would recommend this cream to anyone.Hank C
This morning on the way to work I was talking to him again on the phone. He said "omg - I have to tell you something." He said "I put the tushie cream on the rash and it's completely gone" He also said he had gone to the drugstore and got the cortizone cream, but didn't even need to open it. Rash is gone - one application of Alleviate. Just a little thin layer he said. He put it on when he got home from work and later the same nite it occurred to him and he couldn't believe the discomfort had…B.F.
In a rare bout of screaming pain in the nether region, a result of of eating 1/2 a jar of hot peppers, I tried your miracle cream. It is a miracle!!Alan M
Thank you so much for the Marvellous Alleviate "Tushie Cream". I know this will sound strange but besides the fact that it worked SO well and felt SO good (well, it helped my tush feel much better), I loved the way it smelt (the cream NOT MY TUSH!). I was pleased to be able to use an all natural product. It did not feel gross/mushy as some other products can feel.  I would recommend this product to others without question.  Thank you again for everythingLisa W.
I tried this and got immediate relief and thought I hope it heals as well as relieve, and after using for 1 week, I really feel it is healing. Great Natural Product.Lori
This product is amazing! Works fast, I mean really fast. Have issues with hemmoroids and I cycle hundreds of miles. My discomfort has diminished greatly in just two days! Awesome!!Steven
Thanks so much. This is the BEST product for hemorrhoids that I have EVER used! This is a miracle product, compared to anything else I've tried and I have tried everything in the stores and on line that I could find. Thanks again.C.T
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